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CEO Greeting

We, Youngjin E&I, have grown since our establishment in 2008.

Since the establishment of the company, we have overcome many difficulties and are continuously pursuing growth with constant passion.

We are constantly trying our best to become a better company that supply auto parts at the right time.

Youngjin E&I's great asset is to look forward to the future and find new breakthroughs in times of uncertainty.

We promise to establish the foundation for profitability and competitiveness by diversifying our business in a more sophisticated and balanced manner based on our accumulated assets and business know-how.

A growth in past will no longer guarantee future success.

In the face of the pandemic crisis and the global economy of protection trade, even rapid development amid huge social and structural changes, we must overcome this with advanced and scientific systems and processes.

We will take market changes as leverage opportunities rather than risk factors, maximize the value of our stakeholders, and at the same time actively utilize the fruits of growth and profits for future investment.

While the demand for electric and hydrogen automobile parts is expected to increase in the long term, Youngjin E&I will become a “Small giant in sustainability and growth” by optimizing its strengths in the parts and materials business.

We will lead the company's growth in the direction of contributing to our society with the vision of the most competitive materials company by diversifying the portfolio of new automotive items and other business together.

We promise to provide customized value by combining product service and knowledge, expand our global sales network and strengthen our network to challenge new possibility.

Thanks very much



CEO Jin-Hong KIM